Behind the scenes of Four Sisters - Starting a business.

Starting a business is a daunting process and our experience has not been any different. Even though technology has advanced exponentially making it much easier for us to communicate, we have still had our setbacks, downfalls and issues. You name it we have had it. COVID-19 has stopped us from being able to meet in person, so there have been many many face times, zoom meetings and Whatsapp group chats!
Two of us are in the UK, the third stuck in the Cayman Islands (airports have been closed since march with no sign of reopening), and the fourth sister in California.
However, this has not stopped us!
Our group chat quickly became all things business, our homes filled to the brim of products and designs, and our minds started to turn a little crazy.
To begin with we designed our wedding collection. We wanted to provide high class luxury gifts for all things weddings. See our first ever bridesmaid gift box below, which it is still a favourite because just look how beautiful it is!
bridesmaid gift box
However, COVID quickly stopped that in its tracks along with all the weddings (cry). So we went back to the drawing board and brought some of our other ideas to life. One of these ideas was releasing an artisan luxury gift box range for all occasions so that is exactly what we did.
It took a lot of work (and some breakdowns) but we have created something we are so incredibly proud of. The feedback we have received has been overwhelming and we cannot wait to see where this path will take us. 
This is just the start of what we hope to be a very long exciting journey. We will be writing blog posts with updates on our progress, achievements and our setbacks! 
Stay tuned for more news on Four Sisters, and follow us in our mission to creating luxury artisan gifts for all occasions!
Lots of Love, Jess, Kerri, Ailsa & Emma xo


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